Custom easing animations with auto layouts

December 22, 2013

Our rock star designer Jonathan Saragousi has a fetish for beautiful easing transitions in our animations. The correct easing method can make the difference between a plain animation and a jaw-dropping one.
In Cal for instance, most of the animations use EaseOutQuart transitions. (You can find a nice demonstration of the different transitions here)
We implement the custom animations using a very cool project called NSBKeyframeAnimation.

A while ago we moved Cal to using Auto layouts, and of course – auto layout does not behave well at all with custom animations.
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Auto growing UITextView Using Auto Layout

November 9, 2013

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago we decided to use iOS7 as an excuse to move Cal to using Auto layout. I initially intended to transform only small parts of the app, but auto layout is just so easy and intuitive that I found myself changing the entire app to support auto layout. And after I finished, I decided to change some 3rd party libraries as well 🙂

I’ve been using HPGrowingTextView for a while now, and it’s a really nice library, but it’s very complicated and has more than a few positioning bugs, so I decided that it’s a great candidate to be replaced by simple auto layout constraints.

Here’s how you implement an Auto Growing Text View with auto layouts:
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