Hi everyone,

I’m Adam. I’ve been involved in software development for over 10 years, and in the past couple of years I decided to focus on the mobile world, specifically iOS development. I was fascinated by the slick and powerful looking apps on the iphone, and by the fact that none of the competitors managed to create the same effect on their apps.

As any seasoned iOS developer can say, the cocoa framework is great. And now with xcode4, our development environment is also great. The only thing i feel Android developers are winning is their strong developers community. We have tons of questions and answers on stack overflow, but mostly only the trivial ones. We have a LOT of blogs, but most of them are mainly for beginners. And we simply don’t have enough good open source projects.

So I decided to start core-cocoa to share with the community some of the more complicated and tricky coding adventures i’ve come across. I’ll try to post as many open source projects as i can, and of course – any one who wishes to comment or contribute is more than welcomed.

Hope we’ll both have fun.

Adam Siton


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