Do we really need another iPhone blog?

September 5, 2011

The question in the title is indeed a big one. After all, there are so many great iPhone development blogs out there, my two favorites being the famous cocoa with love, and ray wenderlich’s wonderful tutorials page. (By the way, if you don’t know those blogs, stop reading this post right now and visit them!)

However, the subjects covered in those blogs are limited, and whenever you encounter a really interesting problem, you have to struggle with pieces of answers on stack overflow, to help you build a solid solution. So i decided to chip in and write yet-another-iPhone-blog.

So, Hi everyone – and welcome to CoreCocoa!

In this blog i’ll share some of the more interesting problem i had to deal with, and explain how a to create a reusable and generic solution for them. Most post will be backed by an open source solution you could add “out of the box” to your projects, and of course – any comments and suggestions are more than welcomed.