– my new game UI inspiration site

February 23, 2014

A couple of days ago I released my first game (Brain Maze) to the app store, and I will tell you all about it in the next post.

Being a newbie in game development, when I was working on the game I searched for a UI inspiration site to help me design different parts of the game (especially the level selection screen and the in-app purchases store screen).
I really like UI inspiration sites. There are dozens of them and I use them a lot to get design ideas for my app (my favorites are Inspired-UI and pttrns.

To My surprise, I found out that there was not a single UI inspiration site targeting mobile games – so naturally I decided to build one 🙂

The site is called and me and a good friend of mine, Eldad (A.K.A Dutzi) launched the site yesterday.

I think this is going to be a very valuable resource for game developers, and I’ll love to hear what you think about it.