DreamZ – A lucid dreams inducing iPhone app

I recently release a new app that I was working on the last couple of months. This is my first paid app, and in my unbiased opinion, it’s one of the most interesting apps on the market today 🙂

DreamZ is a revolutionary new app that allows you to realize that you are     dreaming and control your dream, otherwise known as a Lucid Dream.

How does it work?

As you sleep you go through different phases, ranging from deep sleep to light sleep. The most interesting phase is the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, in which most dreams occur.

Based on your body movements while you’re asleep, DreamZ is able to know the exact sleep phase you are in, using the built-in iPhone’s sensors.

Studies show that during REM, our mind reacts to outside stimulation, such as light, sound or touch, and integrates them into the dream’s content. Most of you probably experience a phone ringing during a dream which gets intertwined inside the dream.

DreamZ utilizes this fact and plays specially made audio cues as soon as you enter an REM sleep phase. After several dreams, our mind learns to connect the specific audio cue with the state of being inside a dream, which greatly increase the chance of gaining awareness inside the dream.

You are welcomed to visit the app’s site: www.dreamzapp.com to learn some more about the app.

Hope you’ll like this app, I’ve putten a whole lot of work and research on it.

It’s still very new, so if you have any comments about the app, I’ll love to hear them.

Find DreamZ on AppStoreHQ.
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One Response to DreamZ – A lucid dreams inducing iPhone app

  1. 100one says:


    I’m from Croatia and a member of group “Dream Hackers Croatia”.
    I meditate every night and do reality checks all day to become “wake” in a dream. But this method last few years to have lucid dream every night. I now have 1 lucid dream / weak. I will try this app and leave a feedback. I think this is great idea and great work.
    Sorry about my bad english :). Best regards and keep up good work.

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